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Sametti ja silkki olivat aiemmin vain rikkaan yläluokan käytössä. Mutta nykyään jokainen harrastelijaompelija voi ommella vaatteen pehmeästä sametista, sillä vaikka samettikangas onkin edelleen ylellinen kangaslaatu, me tarjoamme sitä edulliseen hintaan metritavarana. Ompeluideoihin, joille on käyttöä vain karnevaali- tai joulunaikaan – asut, pöytäliinat, verhot – edullinen pannesametti metritavarana on ihanteellinen valinta. Se tarvitsee vain leikata, eikä se kaipaa huolittelua, koska sen reunat kiertyvät itsestään sisään. Jos haluat ommella ylellisen iltapuvun, joustava sametti ja puuvillasametti ovat sopivia kankaita. Ja tietenkin löydät meiltä myös sisustussamettia esimerkiksi punaisena, jota voit käyttää näyttämön verhoina tai verhoilukankaana.
  • Kiiltosametti 5

    Kiiltosametti 5
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmmusta100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 28

    Kiiltosametti 28
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmkarmiininpunainen100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 15

    Kiiltosametti 15
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmkirkkaanpunainen100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 19

    Kiiltosametti 19
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmkuninkaansininen100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 6

    Kiiltosametti 6
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmhopea100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 16

    Kiiltosametti 16
    3,69 €/m
    1,95 €/m
    150 cmbordeauxin punainen100% Polyesteri
  • Yksivärinen sa...

    Yksivärinen samettistretch 10
    lähtien 14,95 €/m
    140 cmtummanharmaa98% Puuvilla2% Elastaani
  • Kiiltosametti 7

    Kiiltosametti 7
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmvalkoinen100% Polyesteri
  • Century 14

    Century 14
    lähtien 47,95 €/m
    140 cmbordeauxin punainen100% Puuvilla
  • Kiiltosametti 26

    Kiiltosametti 26
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmtummanharmaa100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 23

    Kiiltosametti 23
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmtummanvihreä100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 24

    Kiiltosametti 24
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmtummaoliivi100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 1

    Kiiltosametti 1
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmneonpinkki100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 22

    Kiiltosametti 22
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmturkoosi100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 9

    Kiiltosametti 9
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmhiekka100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 18

    Kiiltosametti 18
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmlaivastonsininen100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 25

    Kiiltosametti 25
    3,69 €/m
    1,95 €/m
    150 cmruohonvihreä100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 29

    Kiiltosametti 29
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmmunakoiso100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 10

    Kiiltosametti 10
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmtummanruskea100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 17

    Kiiltosametti 17
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmvioletti100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 13

    Kiiltosametti 13
    3,69 €/m
    1,95 €/m
    150 cmruusunpunainen100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 11

    Kiiltosametti 11
    lähtien 2,49 €/m
    150 cmkeltainen100% Polyesteri
  • Yksivärinen sa...

    Yksivärinen samettistretch 6
    lähtien 14,95 €/m
    140 cmlila98% Puuvilla2% Elastaani
  • Alova 7

    Alova 7
    lähtien 4,25 €/m
    147 cmmusta100% Polyesteri
  • Kiiltosametti 3

    Kiiltosametti 3
    3,69 €/m
    1,95 €/m
    150 cmsyreeni100% Polyesteri

Velvet purchase advice

What is velvet - one name, many fabrics

Velvet is just an umbrella term, which refers to a range of fabrics. Velvet refers to a weaving method, where two layers form the base layer.

Between these two layers, a second warp thread - this is the thread that runs with the grain - is weaved in to create little loops. Once the fabric is woven, it’s cut apart by cutting through the loops. This weaving process results in two lengths of fabric. The height of the pile - the little loops - defines the fabric.

Velvet fabric has a pile of up to 2 millimetres. Anything above that is a velour.

This manufacturing process is used for cotton velvet and decor velvet. Stretch velvet and panne velvet are not made using this elaborate process, which requires special weaving machines. They are woven in a way that makes them stretchy.

Panne velvet is made from finer threads than stretch velvet. The fabric is then finished using irons or presses. This process is sometimes called panning, giving it its name “panne velvet”.

Velvet - a short history lesson

Silk and velvet are closely related, as velvet fabric  was always made of silk up until the 19th century. Velvet was therefore only used to make elegant dresses and evening wear for the upper classes, and only rarely worn due to its high price.  After industrialisation and the development of new fibres such as polyester and viscose, velvet became accessible enough to wear on the streets, as it was now available to everyone as a cheap fabric.

Properties of velvet

Velvet fabrics have a soft feel to them. This makes them lovely to wear as garments, and they create a cosy atmosphere when used to make home furnishings.

Cheaper panne velvet fabrics have a slightly shiny surface. Cotton velvet has a more matte finish, giving it a sophisticated look. Velvet with synthetic fibres has a shinier finish, and stretch velvet offers a good amount of give, making it ideal for flattering garments.

The pile on velvet fabric has one direction where it sticks up and one direction where it lies flat. When cutting velvet, you should take care to make sure that the pile runs in the direction you want it to - otherwise part of your dress could be shiny and other parts could be matte.

Useful care tips for velvet fabrics

Woven velvet is a bit of a diva. It needs special care and attention. To keep the pile long, you should rarely wash velvet, and only give it a gentle handwash. We recommend removing stains from the fabric using a soft brush.

If there are any stubborn stains on your fabric, it might be worth having it professionally cleaned.

Panne velvet is made from 100% polyester, and therefore much easier to care for. Panne velvet can simply be washed by machine at 30°. You should never put it in the tumble dryer, and should only iron it on the lowest setting from the wrong side.

An elegant partner for velvet

Velvet and silk are ideal fashion bedfellows. A black velvet suit combined with a silk blouse is a great outfit for an evening event.

Lace and satin also make excellent outfits when combined with velvet. Lace and satin trims are a great way to add a finishing touch to a velvet garment.

Creative sewing projects with velvet

A smart dress made from green velvet isn’t just for Jane Austen period dramas - it would be a great fashion statement for a Christmas party. Red is a popular colour for velvet dresses - perfect for wearing on a date on Valentine’s Day. Red velvet also has another claim to fame - curtains at the theatre or cinema are often made from red decor-weight velvet as this fabric provides instant opulence and luxury.

To sum it up...

If you’re looking for a fabric that looks luxurious and provides a cosy atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with velvet. A cheaper panne velvet is much easier on the bank balance.

 Velvet can be hard to care for,  so it should be washed as little as possible. Velvet is an excellent partner for silk.

All you need to do now is choose the right colour and get stitching!